Facials (in room)

basic custom facial       $105

uplifted custom facial      $160

vitamin c facial          $110

soothing pure relaxation  $90

pure oxygen facial        $160 

microdermabrasion facial  $135  

diamond tip microdermabrasion facial                    $170

micro02 facial            $240

LED light facial          $150

microcurrent facial with BT cocktail                  $170

microcurrent facial       $150 

teen facial(ages 11-17)   $85

back facial               $130


Organic Facials (in room)

eminence organic facial   $130

eminence organic oxygen facial                   $180

eminence organic microdermabrasion facial  $165

eminence organic LED light facial                    $180

Technology. A Layered Approach (in room)

clearskin acne treatment  $215

bright skin treatment     $225

firn anti-aging treatment $250


Brow - Reshape                               $35

Brow - Touch Up                              $20

Face - Chin                                     $10

Face - Ears                                     $15

Face - Nasal                                    $15

Face - Full (brows not included)          $40 

Lip                                                 $15

Sideburns                                        $20

Neck                                              $30

Underarms                                      $25

Chest                                             $40

Abdomen                                        $30

Back - Full                                      $65

Back - Lower                                  $30

Shoulders                                       $40 

Arms - Full                                     $50

Arms - Lower                                  $30

Arms - Upper                                  $40

Legs - Full                                      $70

Legs - Lower                                   $45

Legs - Upper                                   $50

Legs - Half with Basic Bikini               $70

Legs - Full with Basic Bikini                $90

Bikini - Basic                                   $35

The Brazillian Dream                         $60

Full Body

Skin Bar (no extractions)

micro current lift with BT cocktail                     $95
LED light                    $95
microdermabrasion w/masque   $85
microdermabrasion only       $60
pure oxygen                  $70     
clear skin acne treatment    $125
bright skin treatment        $135
Firm Anti-Aging Treatment    $160

Facial Enhancements
(add-on to any facial)               
facial contouring masque     $25
collagen masque              $25
Put a Spring in Your Step    $25
micro current lift with BT cocktail                     $50
LED light                    $50
microdermabrasion w/masque   $50
microdermabrasion only       $50
pure oxygen                  $50

hyaluronic infusion masques:                    face                         $35
eye treatment                $25
lip treatment                $20
neck                         $35

glycolic resurfacer w/stem 
cell                         $70
lactic                       $70
glycolic                     $70
salicylic                    $70
*add-on to any facial        $50

Facial Hair Tinting

Lashes                       $35

Brows                        $20

Lashes & Brows               $50

Pure Oxygen Stimulates the body's natural functions. It's very anti-aging, builds collagen and is anti-bacterial to calm down breakouts. A long-time celebrity secret to give the skin a really nice glow. Go-to treatment for those who love to travel.

Microdermabrasion After skin is cleansed, ultra-fine crystals exfoliate to help diminish discoloration, smooth fine lines and clear breakouts, revealing a more youthful, radiant, softer skin.

Micro02 Combines topical exfoliation of microdermabrasion with the revitalizing effects of the 'Pure Oxygen' facial to offer immediate repair and encourage cellular renewal, reduce the appearance of fine lines, congestion, discoloration and dull skin to create a smooth, revitalized, younger, healthy you!

LED Light LED was discovered at the turn of the century in the form of light waves that give energy to living cells. NASA unearthed that original study. A specialty chromatic serum and hyaluronic infusion masque work in tandem with the LED light to increase collagen, reduce inflammation and correct damage to the surface of the skin.

Microcurrent Although many factors are associated with the aging process, energy is at the top of the list. Tiny electrical impulses increase cellular energy, firm muscles and tighten skin. Although the results are instantaneous, when you do Microcurrent over time you will see a cumulative benefit of firmer skin, more contouring in your face and a slower aging process.